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Every transformation begins when you question your lifestyle and habits and start making positive changes to your life.

A few months after giving birth to my son Aditya, I took my own baby steps on the path to bettering myself by practising yoga. I gained strength and peace of mind from yoga, and it helped me to maintain balance through the early stages of motherhood. As a mom and a wife it’s easy to put others first and forget about your own needs. It was Mayuri who inspired me to set off on my yoga journey as well as to embark on a clean eating programme that would address my under-active thyroid. In 3 months I started feeling different. I felt leaner, more confident, and had so much more energy. I could never have imagined the extent to which food can affect not just my body but also my mind. I dropped all my excuses, took back control of my life, and responsibility for my own health and well-being. Before long, I was back to my pre pregnancy weight, which is right where I want to be.

Invest in people who invest in you. Start with your inner self, finding what brings you true happiness, peace and contentment - beyond the temporal. Thank you dearest Mayuri for supporting me through this as a wellness coach, and helping me to implement those lifestyle changes, bringing about a truly happier and more confident me.
— Resham Melwani, Female, 41

For several years, I have been dealing with an auto-immune disease. One nasty symptom is a never-ending feeling of fatigue which was under controlled through medication, but after a few months, the symptoms returned. I knew that I need to change my exercise routine and my diet, but I had no idea how and what to do. Then one day, I had an amazing, transformational call with Mayuri!

I had no idea about how gluten messes with my immune system, but thanks to Mayuri’s clear and easy to follow explanation I started to comprehend the full extent to which my diet had been affecting my condition. As much as I thought that it is IMPOSSIBLE to go gluten-free, her suggestions got me thinking, and I am now on the path to exploring a gluten-free diet.

Though my journey towards adopting a new diet continues, I already feel much more energized and am having fun exploring. As someone with sugar cravings, I started to cut down on my sugar consumption as well which is a real miracle on its own. Working with Mayuri is easy and fun! She is straight, communicates clearly and precisely and, most importantly, she is always available in case her support is needed. She has an unwavering stand for the well-being of others. Thank you so much for all the insights and the valuable coaching you have given me!
— József Danka PhD, Male, 33
Mayuri has made a huge impact on my life. Apart from diet and eating habits, she taught me to identify harmful sugars on ingredient lists, and educated me about what sugar does to the body.

With Mayuri’s encouragement, I took on a challenge of completely avoiding sugar and processed flours for 10 days. At first, I wasn’t sure that I could stop eating sugars and wheat products FOR 10 DAYS. But now, thanks to her, I have learned that there are plenty of healthy and delicious alternatives.

Mayuri is an encouraging and friendly person, and on our video chat she’s really supportive and makes you laugh!
— Samara Kirpalani, Female, 10

The year was 2014; I was 59 and in the worst imaginable state of health. I could barely walk, and was on a prescription of over a dozen type of medication, which really did more damage to me than good. My weight shot up - at 96.5 kgs – I was bed-ridden most of the time. It wasn’t looking good for me.

I was introduced to Mayuri – and from thereon in, my transformation began. Following the advice she gave me, I shed a whopping 17 kgs over the course of five months. My reliance on medication gradually ended, and I started feeling alive!

The transformation continues - because of GERD I couldn’t drink coffee for over 20 years. I can now enjoy up to 4 mugs of brew, relishing every sip, and have rediscovered the joy of being a coffee connoisseur.

It wasn’t just weight loss, I feel so vibrant and alive!

Thank you Mayuri. Please keep up the great work of helping people to live life to the fullest! Bless you always!
— Mirchu C. Daryanani, Male, 63

Mayuri is a very close friend, and an incredibly helpful person. In matters of health and well-being, she’s my go-to girl! I lost 5kg in my first month of consulting with her, I discovered what foods do not agree with me and food that suit me just fine. I felt reinvigorated, and got stronger each day, which brought back my belief in myself! Mayuri also introduced me to yoga and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and life hasn’t been the same since!

Mayuri is patient and totally dedicated to her profession. Thank you Mayuri, for supporting me in every way.
— Sunita Mukhi, Female, 44